The Pokémon Regional Championships in Cologne electrifies right from the start. A total of 1.102 players gathered in the German city to compete in the Trading Card Game and the Video Game Championship.


With the biggest European Regional Championships in history the last weekend of September 2019 will be more exciting than ever. Who will be the one to triumph over hundreds of competitors and earn a lot of prizes?

726 TCG players in the Masters Division signed up for the competition in Cologne. Additionally 83 Seniors und 42 Juniors round up an astounding field of 851 TCG competitors. The TCG Masters will play 9 Rounds of Swiss on Day 1. In the VGC Main Event will have 8 rounds on Saturday.

The last format in VGC for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Soon the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Era will come to an end. Cologne will be one of the last stops to feature this format in VGC. Because the new games Pokémon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch will shake up the scene once again. Right before the Regional Championships in Cologne started, the next Regional Championships in Germany were announced. This tournament will take place in Bochum, Germany, on January the 11th and 12th 2020.

In 2020 on  the new format will be Sword and Shield, the very new games for Nintendo Switch.

Trading Card Game

Players in Masters Division: 726
Players in Senior Division: 83
Players in Junior Division: 42

Video Game

Players in Masters Division: 233
Players in Senior Division: 9
Players in Junior Division: 9