The best players of each Division achieved great prizes and fancy trophies at the Pokémon Regional Championships in Cologne. Here are the Top 4 of the Trading Card Game in the Masters, Senior and Junior Division.



Winner – Tord R. (Norway)

Deck: Mewtwo and Mew Toolbox

MVP: Shedinja


Runner up – Sander W. (The Netherlands)

Deck: Oranguru Pidgeotto Control


Semi Finalist – Pedro Eugenio T. (Spain)

Deck: Pikachu Zekrom GX

Favorite Pokemon: Ninetales


Semi Finalist – Vincent Marcus Munk (Denmark)

Deck: Gardevoir Sylveon GX

MVP: Reset Stamp



Winner – Simon B. (Slovakia)

Deck: Mewtwo and Mew Toolbox

Favorite Pokemon: Pikachu


Runner up – Daniel M. (Czech Republic)

Deck: Pikachu and Zekrom GX

Favorite Pokemon: Garchomp


Semi Finalist – Matteo M. (Sweden)

Deck: Malamar

Favorite Pokemon: Espurr


Semi Finalist – Noel B. (Sweden)

Deck: Malamar

Favorite Pokemon: Mew



Winner – Alberto Z. (Italy)

Deck: Reshiram and Charizard GX Green‘s

Favorite Pokemon: Charizard


Runner up – Rohan S.


Semi Finalist – Nicholas C. (Scotland)

Deck: Mewtwo and Mew Toolbox

Favorite Pokemon: Pikachu


Semi Finalist – Riccardo C. (Italy)

Deck: Blacephalon GX

Favorite Pokemon: Rayquaza