In September 2019 one of the best Pokémon Trading Card Game players in the world has made a statement in Germany. In Cologne, Tord Reklev won his first ever TCG Regional Championships.


The Norwegian starplayer surprised with a new version of the toolbox deck around Mewtwo & Mew GX. Additionally with two Shedinja at his disposal, which reduces the amount of prize cards taken by an opponent by one, Tord Reklev found a special way to make this deck even more powerful.


Congratulations for winning your first Regional Championships. Before you started the tournament in Cologne – would you have expected to win it?

Tord Reklev: Thank you very much. Honestly I didn’t think I would win this tournament. So I’m pretty happy about it.

You are still known for your consistency in the game. When did you notice, that you have a chance for the top spot?

Tord Reklev: I mean the first day was already a good sign, I went 9:0. That was crazy and completely special to me. I never got this result before. But still there was a bit of luck as well.

How did the final day go for you, especially the final match against the Pidgeotto Oranguru Control Deck, which was one of the big stories of this tournament?

Tord Reklev: The match-up in the finals was simple. I knew, if I win one game, I win the match. That’s because we play top cut rules. I mean it was mixed up, I lost the first game. So that was basically my first attempt, which didnt work out. But I knew for the second game, going first gives me high chances of winning.

I’m pretty sure that your “ace” was a GX attack, right?

Tord Reklev: In the second game I used the GX attack of Espeon & Deoxys GX and took three prizes with it for the win. So yeah, my opponent couldnt do much against it.

Did you had any bad match-up during this tournament?

Tord Reklev: I think my hardest time was against Philip (Schulz). He competed with Pikachu & Zekrom GX and played really well. That was really hard for me.

When have you came up with the idea to play Shedinja in your deck?

Tord Reklev: I build the deck just one week prior to the tournament. But it works with Shedinja and the surprise factor is a pretty big deal. Attached with this card Mewtwo & Mew GX only gives up two prizes instead of three. So my opponent would have to knock out three of them to win the game. That makes a big difference.

Congratulations again, Tord and thank you very much for the interview.


Tord Reklev is one of the most succesful TCG Masters since 2017. He reached the semifinals of the World Championships in August and won three Intercontinental Championships in a row. Now he won his first Regional Championships in Cologne. 726 players competed in the Masters Division.