It happened again. The first Pokémon Regional Championship in 2020 is the biggest ever Regional Championship in Europe. About 1.200 players traveled to to the RuhrCongress Bochum to compete in the Trading Card Game and Video Game Championship.

The start of the 2020 Championship Season couldn’t be more exciting. All eyes around the world are looking at the 431 VGC competitors, who are the first ones to battle out the new format Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch. At the 11th and 12th of January we will witness a lot of action in the VGC competition with new Pokémon, new rules, new strategies and a new powerful option: Dynamaxing.

Meanwhile the TCG Players are looking forward for the next battle, this time with the newest expansion Cosmic Eclipse. We‘ve got a total of 659 Masters, 90 players registered for the Senior Division and 51 Juniors will complete the biggest european Regional to this day.

Big Regional, Big Stage

The wonderful RuhrCongress Bochum provides a big hall for all players of every competition. In the afternoon of Saturday the Side Events will follow to bring even more tournament action to this stacked weekend. The ones who wishes to relax, got more than enough possibilities to chill nearby the main hall with comfortable seats with drinks and snacks.

„We are very excited to host the biggest Pokémon Regional Championships here in Bochum“, says Tournament Organizer Felix Möder and continues: „Especially the new VGC format with Sword and Shield brings a new technical challenge for us and for the players as well.“

Participants Video Game Championship

401 Masters Division

19 Senior Division

11 Junior Division

Participants Trading Card Game

659 Masters Division

90 Senior Divison

51 Junior Division