Regional Championships

29. & 30. September 2018, Frankfurt (Offenbach)


Saturday, 29th September 2018


Doors Open: 08:00 AM

Main Event Registration: 08:00 AM

Main Event Check-In: 08:00 AM

Side Event Anmeldung: 02:00 PM **

Sunday, 30th September 2018


Doors Open: 08:30 AM

Main Event Tag 2 Begin: 09:00 AM

Side Events Registration: 08:30 AM

* Subject to change.
** Side Event Registration times are dependant on Main Event participation

Registration Fee


35 EUR (TCG & Video Game) + booking fee

Juniors & Seniors:

20 EUR (TCG & Video Game) + booking fee

Participation Prize

Participation Prizes will be announced soon!

Trading Card Game


Saturday, 29th September 2018


TCG – Registration: 08:00 – 09:30 Uhr

TCG – Check In: 08:00-  09:30 Uhr

TCG – Main Event Begin: 09:30 Uhr


(Masters, Seniors, Juniors)

Video Game


Saturday, 29th September 2018


VG – Registration: 08:00 – 10:00 Uhr

VG – Check In: 08:00 –  10:00 Uhr

VG – Main Event Begin: 10:00 Uhr


Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
(Masters, Seniors, Juniors)

The Mainevent prize schedule will be published soon.

Online Pre-Registration

Side Events

Side Events will be announced soon.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Player ID?
Each player is assigned a Play! Pokémon Identification Number (Player ID) that is used to track that player’s tournament play and League participation and to identify them in our system. Players must have this number with them whenever they attend a Play! Pokémon event. If you don’t already have a Player ID, the organizer of your next Play! Pokémon event will give you one. You can also get a Player ID online if you already have a Pokémon Trainer Club account.









I have no Player ID. Can I get one online?
Yes, just follow this link here. Alternative you  can get one on-site at the Event.









I forgot my player ID. Where can I find it?
If you received a player ID via your Pokémon Trainer Club Account or you connected your ID online, you can login at and see your Player ID in your profile.









Which Format will be played?

The TCG tournament is played in Standard. The Video Game Tournament Format will be Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. More information can be found here.









I am 13 years old (or younger). May I participate?
Yes, you may participate. Please make sure to have a legal guardian on-site. A legal proof (i.e. passport) might be required.









Can I bring food and drinks inside the venue?

Yes. Additionally, there will be convenient snacks and drinks at the catering on-site.









Do I need a Decklist or Teamsheet?
Yes. Please fill in a Decklist (TCG) or Teamsheet (Video Game) prior to the tournament. It will be collected prior to the start of round 1 of the Main Event. You can find both lists here.









Am I allowed to trade, sell or advertise in the venue?
Although trading is both allowed and encouraged, please note that advertising is permitted and buying/selling is only allowed at our authorised vendors.









I want to be a Judge or Scorekeeper at your Event!

We’re glad to hear that! If you are not part of the Pokémon Professor Program, you find more information here. Once you are part of the program, you will have access to the official Staff Calls.

Will there be a cloakroom?

Yes, for a small fe you can leave your bags and coats there. Due to security reasons, we kindly need you to place your carryall and suitcase there. Of course you can take your backpack with you inside the main event hall.


Stadthalle Offenbach
Waldstraße 312
63071 Offenbach am Main


Stadthalle Offenbach
Waldstraße 312
63071 Offenbach am Main