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29. & 30. September 2018, Frankfurt (Offenbach) InfosLocation

Live Coverage

Pokémon Regional Championships Frankfurt – TCG Live Stream

The biggest of it’s kind – 2018 Regionals Frankfurt

History has been made on the Weekend of September  29th and 30th! 873 participants traveled to Offenbach to compete at the Pokemon Regional Championships. That said, this tournament is the biggest Pokemon Regional Championships in Europe of all time! It outnumbered the latest record of the Sheffield Regionals by 20 players.

Once again a german city holds a big European event like the Pokemon Regional Championships. In the last season Bremen and Leipzig offered the venues of choice in Germany, now the city of Offenbach (near Frankfurt) got into the focus by hundreds of TCG- and VGC-Players. And for the future, TPCi announced European Internationals to be held in Germany!

617 TCG-Players signed up, 520 players f them participate in the Masters division. They will play 9 rounds of Swiss until the cut to the Top32 will happen. Also the VGC scene is pleasured to have 256 players starting in this tournament.

Especially exciting will be the outcome of this Regional Championships since it is the first big event in Europe after the rotation and it will set standards for the upcoming season. Everyone wants to show their skills with a lot of different strategies. The participants for the VGC and TCG Regional Championships got a Promo Card of Copy Cat. While the TCG-Players received playmat featuring Rayquaza, the VGC-Players got a Cap with 4 different motives: Solgaleo, Lunala, Alolan Raichu and Alolan Marowak.


Trading Card Game

Masters Division Players: 520
Senior Division Players: 63
Junior Division Players: 34

Total of 617 players TCG

Video Game Championships

Masters Division Players: 236
Senior Division Players: 12
Junior Division Players: 8

Total of 256 players VGC

19 points and more in Masters division are necessary to proceed to Day 2. Who will make it? Follow the Stream on and our written Coverage here for more Updates!

Metagame Analysis - TCG Masters Division (520 Players)

Metagame of the Pokemon Regionals Offenbach – TCG Masters Division (520 players)

Top Tables TCG Masters Division - Round 6

Table 1

Malamar Necrozma GX – Malamar Shining Lugia Shrine of Punishment

Table 2

Vikavolt Shining Lugia Shrine of Punishment – Buzzwole  Garbodor Shrine of Punishment

Table 3

Ho-Oh GX Turtonator GX – Zoroark GX Lycanroc GX

Table 4

Zoroark GX Lycanroc GX – Vikavolt Rayquaza GX

Table 5

Magnezone Dusk Mane Necrozma GX – Zoroark GX Magcargo

Table 6

Zoroark GX Lycanroc GX – Zoroark GX Lycanroc GX

Table 7

Zoroark GX Buzzwole – Vikavolt Rayquaza GX

Table 8

Malamar Necrozma GX – Buzzwole  Garbodor Weavile Shrine of Punishment

Table 9

Zoroark GX Buzzwole – Magnezone Dusk Mane Necrozma GX

Table 10 (Featured Match)

Jimmy Wuyts (Metagross GX Dusk Mane Necrozma GX) – Martin Janous (Vikavolt Rayquaza GX)

Interview with Worlds competitor Stephane Ivanoff

Stephane Ivanoff is one of the most known european players at this moment in the TCG scene. He won the most recent North American International Championships, competed at the World Championships and now looks to be very successfull in Germany as well. With Ho-Oh GX. Ivanoff achieved a great result at the Pokemon Regional Championships in Offenbach. In the first day he started with a 7-0-1 record all the way to the top table. He spoke about his choice and about the increased attention to him as a top-player.

Stephane, you have chosen to play a deck around Ho-Oh GX. Why is it good right now?

Stephane Ivanoff:

The deck is doing pretty well for me so far. You can keep the speed of the deck you had before the rotation. This deck gets energy faster in play than Malamar, Vikavolt or anything like that. Against popular cards like Zoroark GX I keep taking knockouts a lot of the time. Even against Shrine decks it is doing well. And if I get of to a good start, the late game favors me a lot as well. 

So the deck compensated every loss after the rotation?

Stephane Ivanoff:

Almost. The deck lost Volcanion EX. You can deal with it nevertheless. A bit more painful was the loss of Professor Sycamore. In this deck you want to draw cards aggressively. But since every deck lost consistency the Ho-Oh deck is still great.

How much did you got Kiawe today on your first turn? Is it the biggest concern of you to have this card to get a good start?

Stephane Ivanoff:

About 80 percent of the time I get it on my first turn. Quite a lot I had to play Kiawe on to a Tortunator GX instead of Ho-Oh GX, which wasn’t ideal. But still it wasn’t bad. It depends on the match up, when I need a turn one Kiawe – for example against Vika Ray (Vikavolt and Rayquaza GX) – you really need it. You can put a lot of pressure and that gives you an advantage. Against Zoroark GX decks you can still do well without the ideal turn one. And I don’t need to start a match to win games. In my first five rounds today I always went second and still got good results.

How big was your preparation for this tournament?

Stephane Ivanoff:

Of course I tried to test a lot and prepared myself for this one. Because of my job it wasn’t as much as I wanted. That’s why I didn’t tested Malamar decks. I know they are good, but I didn’t had the time to test it. I wasn’t convinced with Zoroark GX, I feel like the deck is less powerful than it was before. Buzzwole Lycanroc was weird. It was good against Zoroark obviously. But since I didn’t really tested the Shrine match up, I wasn’t comfortable with that either.

But you had faith in Ho-OH GX…

Stephane Ivanoff:

Yes, I was very familiar with this deck. I just like playing it. And against all decks I have good match ups, at least it’s 50:50. 

Do you have any tech cards in the deck, that did really well for you?

Stephane Ivanoff:

I added Professor Kukui lately. I tested it and at some point you will attack with Tortunator GX, that has a choice band on it. With Kukui I can hit 210, which is great against cards like Zoroark GX and Lycanrock GX. Even without a choice band, Ho-Oh GX can knockout Lycanrock for perfect 200 damage. So it does make a lot of sense. I didn’t regret it to put the card into the deck. Marshadow is really good as well. I have the space for the bench and can disrupt Vika Ray decks after they used Tempest GX. This ability won games, it felt really good. Po Town helped me a lot too since I can hit numbers even better against Evolution decks and I can get rid of Shrine of Punishments as well. 

Have you considered playing the new Reshiram GX?

Stephane Ivanoff:

I thought about it, but I was convinced that it was bad. Most of the time you are forced to use its GX attack as quick as possible to get more energies into play, mostly for Ho-Oh GX. You need to find the right number of cards, you need fire energies in hand as well. Of course there is the new tool card Fiery Flint, but that doesn’t seem consistent to me to have all necessary cards all the time. If you don’t have the combinations, the deck probably falls apart.

How much attention did you got after your most recent successes?

Stephane Ivanoff:

(Laughed) That was really funny at the World Championships. A lot of people sent their greetings to me. Even people from Japan took pictures with me. There was a japanese mother who thanked me because her son used my decklist to prepare for the tournament. It was very rewarding and touching. I guess people a more aware of me and I’m more on the radar.

Isn’t it harder for you now to play in a tournament since you are getting so much attention?

Stephane Ivanoff:

Now I have to think about what I’m going to play. I feel a bit more pressure, I don’t want to lose in the first round. Of course there are situations where you have bad luck. But still I want to keep attacking. I mean Tord Reklev does pretty well still.

Speaking of Tord Reklev. You guys are playing for the same team. It’s called 8 bit. Could you please tell us a bit more about the team?

Stephane Ivanoff:

This team does exist more than a year. Tord wanted to get established players into it. Fabian Pujol, Martin Janous and Ryan Sabelhaus for example are part of the team as well. We are discussing about strategies and we are planning to practice together a lot in the future.

Top Tables TCG Masters Division - Round 10

We are getting serious in the TCG Masters Division. After the first 9 rounds on Saturday there are 5 more rounds to go until we will advance to the top8 knockout-phase. Along the most favored decks a few surprises are showing up as well.

Table 1 (Featured Match) 

Shrine of Punishment Lugia Malamar vs. Buzzwole Garbodor Shrine of Punishment

Table 2

Malamar Necrozma GX vs. Vikavolt Rayquaza GX

Table 3 

Zoroark GX Lycanroc GX vs. Buzzwole Garbodor Shrine of Punishment

Table 4 

Zoroark GX Lycanroc GX vs. Hoopa Steelix Wailord

Table 5 

Zoroark GX Banette GX vs. Sylveon Control

Table 6

Ho-Oh GX Tortunator GX vs. Lycanroc GX Buzzwole

Table 7

Buzzwole Garbodor Shrine of Punishment vs. Zoroark GX Lycanroc GX 

Table 8 

Zoroark GX Lycanroc GX vs. Zoroark GX Lycanroc GX 

Table 9

Zigarde GX Lycanroc GX vs. Zoroark GX Lycanroc GX 

Table 10

Malamar Necrozma GX vs. Malamar Necrozma GX

VGC Juniors Top 3 Pictures

The lucky winners of the VGC Juniors Division are…

1st Place – Edward French

2nd Place – Erik Minniti

3rd Place – Aglaja Hetzel

Top8 TCG Masters - Who is playing against each other

Buzzwole GX Lycanroc GX vs. Sylveon GX control

Buzzwole Garbodor Shrine of Punishment vs. Zoroark GX Lycanroc GX

Vikavolt Rayquaza GX feat. Shining Lugia vs. Hoopa Steelix Wailord disruption

Buzzwole Garbodor Shrine of Punishment vs. Shining Lugia Malamar Shrine of Punishment

VGC Masters Winners

236 VGC players competed in the Masters Division. After 2 days we got our winner!

1st Place – Matteo Agostini

2nd Place -Alessio Yuri Boschetto

Semifinalist – Aleksandra Cwikiel

Semifinalist – Matthias Suchodolski

The Top4 VGC Masters

Our live casters recorded and commentated all of the action during the entire tournament

TCG Juniors Top4

1st Place – Marley Sylvester Skyum

2nd Place – Riccardo Corino

Semifinalist – Summer Khan

Semifinalist – Giulio Derenale

TCG Seniors Top4

1st Place – Beppe Groenmark

2nd Place – Piper Lepine

Semifinalist – Kamila Dobresova

Semifinalist – Leon Kesselring

The winner comes from Sweden - TCG Masters Top4

It all came down to this! After 14 rounds of Swiss and the following top8 cut the TCG Masters Finals started at the Regional Championships in Frankfurt (Offenbach). Two players remained: Hampus Eriksson from Sweden against Gonzalo Pereira from Portugal. Hampus piloted a Sylveon GX control disruption deck all the way to the last match of the main event. His opponent however got convincing results with one of the most favorite decks in the format – Vikavolt Rayquaza GX. In the semifinals Goncalo defeated Patrick Holler (Malamar Shining Lugia Shrine of Punishment), while Hampus advanced against Giel Weeghmans Buzzwole-Garbodor-Shrine deck to the finals.

A huge crowd was watching the finals of the TCG Masters Division between Hampus Eriksson and Goncalo Pereira. Of course Limitless TCG broadcasted the highlight match of this tournament live on stream. 

It was a hard battle between the two finalists. With a 1:1 tie in the match time was called. Hampus had control of the game and the lead with 3 prizes remaining. Goncalo had 4 prizes remaining but couldn’t catch up in time. The strategy to get Vikavolt into the active position worked pretty well for Hampus after he limited the options of his opponent. In the end Goncalo offered the handshake.

Hampus Eriksson is your Pokemon TCG Regionals Frankfurt Champion!

Winner- Hampus Eriksson – Sweden – Sylveon GX control

Finalist – Goncalo Pereira – Portugal – Vikavolt Rayquza GX feat. Shining Lugia

Semifinalist – Giel Weeghmans – Belgium – Buzzwole Garbodor Shrine of Punishment

Semifinalist – Patrick Holler – Czech Republic – Malamar Shining Lugia Shrine of Punishment

"The deck I can play the best" - Interview with Regional Champion Hampus Eriksson

Who would have thought that one of the few Sylveon GX decks would win the Masters Division of the TCG Regionals in Frankfurt (Offenbach). Coming from Stockholm, Sweden, Hampus Eriksson succeeded against 519 players. He talked about his deck choice and why this format favors him.

Congratulations for winning the Regional Championships in Frankfurt. Why did you decided to play Sylveon GX?

Hampus Eriksson:

Thank you very much. I decided to play it because it is very good against the current meta. Additionally that is the deck I can play the best with.

You are probably one of the players no one wants to play against. Have you played a lot in the time out like in the finals?

Hampus Eriksson:

Surely not many players like to play against a deck like Sylveon GX. But I haven’t had any other matches going to the time out. Most of the time the opponents scoop really fast as soon as they are aware of the fact that they are out of options. They want to have the chance to win the next game so they don’t want to waste their time.

What is a difficult match up for you?

Hampus Eriksson:

Rayquaza GX for example. I had a 1:1 record against it before the finals. Rayquaza can one hit k.o. my Sylveon. But since it has a weakness against me, the match up is about 40:60. If I can disrupt the flow of energy I can win. The worst match up would probably be Metagross GX and Solgaleo GX. The deck has energy acceleration und is able to switch out the active Pokemon all the time. There is not much I can do against it.

Do you have a favored card in your deck, something you like the most? You have so many different cards in this deck.

Hampus Eriksson:

Fairy energy (he laughed). But actually its true, I need a fairy energy to set up with magical ribbon. Enhanced Hammer, Max Potion and an energy are the main targets a lot of the time. I can disrupt the opponent, I can heal myself and get the next option to search. Especially against decks like Zoroark and Buzzwole Shrine I do it all the time. If I do that 4 times in a match I basically can’t lose. They will run out of energy. 

So this format favors you because there are a lot of good decks running special energy right now…

Hampus Eriksson:

Exactly. If I play against decks that recover energy like Malamar, I need to lock something in the active position. Normally I don’t play anything else on the bench so my opponent can’t activate Guzma. Since I play Mount Lanakila the retreat cost is higher for basic Pokemon and makes it more difficult to switch out too.

I saw a Necrozma GX stuck in the semifinals against you…

Hampus Eriksson:

Yes and I won this game. The Necrozma got a knockout but after that there were a lot of energies in the discard pile and my opponent couldn’t attach it to the active and he couldn’t switch out anymore. And in the finals the Vikavolt got stuck multiple times.

How long have you prepared yourself for this tournament?

Hampus Eriksson:

I played a lot before and was confident with it. At the Philadelphia Regionals there has been a deck doing well and got in day 2. I saw the decklist and made a few changes to my deck. 

Have you expected to go this far today and will you keep playing the deck?

Hampus Eriksson:

No, I didn’t expected to make the cut to the top8. I know I’m good with the deck. At first I wanted to play Zoroark but I didn’t got a list I really liked. So ended up playing the deck I can do my best with. And in the end I got rewarded. I don’t know if I will stick with the deck after the tournament. But if Zoroark and Shrine decks are still going to be played a lot, I will continue with Sylveon GX. The match ups are really good for the deck. 


Saturday, 29th September 2018


Doors Open: 08:00 AM

Main Event Registration: 08:00 AM

Main Event Check-In: 08:00 AM

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Side Events Registration: 08:30 AM

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Registration Fee


35 EUR (TCG & Video Game) + booking fee

Juniors & Seniors:

20 EUR (TCG & Video Game) + booking fee

Participation Prize

TCG Video Game
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Participation Promo Card
Participation Promo Card
Juniors/Seniors Participation Mat,
Participation Promo Card
Participation Promo Card


Trading Card Game


Saturday, 29th September 2018


TCG – Registration: 08:00 – 09:30 Uhr

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TCG – Main Event Begin: 09:30 Uhr


(Masters, Seniors, Juniors)

Video Game


Saturday, 29th September 2018


VG – Registration: 08:00 – 10:00 Uhr

VG – Check In: 08:00 –  10:00 Uhr

VG – Main Event Begin: 10:00 Uhr


GS Cup Sun Series
(Masters, Seniors, Juniors)

The Prize Schedule of the Pokémon Championship Series can be found on!

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Side Events

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TCG Challenge

When? Sunday, September 30th 12:00 Uhr (Tournament Start)
Participation Fee: 10€
Participation Goodie: 1 Side-Event-Point (SEP), that can be redeemed at the Prize Wall
Preise: Championship Points + SEPs
Turnierstil: Standard / Swiss Best-of-One


When? Sunday, September 30th 09:30 Uhr (Tournament Start)
Participation Fee: 15€
Participation Goodie: 1 Side-Event-Point (SEP), that can be redeemed at the Prize Wall
Preise: Championship Points + SEPs
Turnierstil: Standard / Swiss Best-of-One + Topcut Best-of-Three


When? On Demand, Registration starts Saturday 14:00, Sunday 08:30
Participation Fee: 10€
Participation Goodie: 1 Side-Event-Punkt (SEP), that can be redeemed at the Prize Wall
Prizes: The first wins a Booster Box SM03 or SM05.
Tournament Format: 8-player Single Elimination, Best-of-Three, Standard (Expanded on Demand)

Premier Challenge

When? Sunday, September 30th 12:00 Uhr (Tournament Start)
Participation Fee: 10€
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Preise: Championship Points + SEPs
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Midseason Sunday Showdown

When? Sunday, September 30th 09:15 Uhr (Tournament Start)
Participation Fee: 15€
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Preise: Championship Points + SEPs
Turnierstil: GS Cup Sun / Swiss Best-of-One + Topcut Best-of-Three


When? On Demand, Registration starts Saturday 14:00, Sunday 08:30
Participation Fee: 10€
Participation Goodie: 1 Side-Event-Punkt (SEP), that can be redeemed at the Prize Wall
Prizes: The first wins a Booster Box SM03 or SM05.
Tournament Format: 8-player Single Elimination, Best-of-Three, GS Cup Sun Series



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