Dear Pokémon Players, Spectators and Parents!

Thank you very much for participating in our Tournaments by JOKMOKs Post-Event-Survey! We value feedback we receive and although it is not possibly to take over all suggestions, we will consider as much as possible for planning future events.

First of all, part of doing the survey was a raffle among all participants to win a free entry to Regional Championships Bochum. The winner is: Jory Kooten! Congratulations Jory and good luck participating in Bochum!


Main Event / Venue in general


Q: Can you stop giving hats as entry goodie for Video Game?
A: We forwarded this request to TPCi and are looking into options for the future.


Q: There was not enough space!
A: We had to decide between further limiting the registration or tighten the seating. We decided on giving more players the opportunity to attend. However, we accept the feedback and will use it for the next Event in Bochum.


Q: Is it possible to have more TVs to watch additional games, not only the streamed ones.
A: This is not possible as it requires a lot of additional equipment.


Q: The tickets with a fee of 40€ are too expensive!
A: We are sorry, but we cannot reduce the entry fee.


Q: Can there be more possibilities to buy food/drinks?
A: Since in direct neighbourhood to the venue in Cologne were Kebaps, Subway and other possibilities to buy food, there was no additional catering from the venue. Whenever possible we will see to a decent catering within the venue.


Q: It is uncomfortable that phones are not allowed during gameplay, imagine an emergency situation!
A: There is a policy by TPCi which we are following concerning the use of electronic devices during gameplay.


Side Events and Prize Wall


Q: Can you offer more Side Events for people that do not play Midseason Showdown or TCG Cup?
A: We are adding more Side Events at every event we run. However, if you have specific proposals of what you would like to see as an event, feel free to contact us.


Q: The MSS starts too late, can’t it be earlier if people have to leave early at 2 PM on Sunday?
A: Regional Championships are exciting 2-day-events with a focus on the Main Events on Saturday and a focus on  topcuts and Side Events on Sunday. To give as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy playing their favorite way of Pokémon on Sunday we cannot start much earlier than we already do.


Q: Can you increase the prize points for Side Events?
A: For the Midseason Showdown in Cologne we put a new Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield download code into the Prize Pool for the winner, additionally to Side-Event-Points. There was also a raffle among all participants at the MSS to win another download code of SwSh. We are trying to make it more attractive for VG players to attend Side Events. However, we are looking into improving our stock at the Prize Wall constantly.


Q: Why are there differences in Prize Point Distribution at MSS and TCG Cup?
A: The Prize Point Calculation is based on attendance. If more people participate in the TCG Cup than in the MSS, there are more prize points distributed. But it was not handled as „TCG players get a Side-Event-Point for every win“.