A shift in the TCG Metagame results in a different variety of decks. But two of them are definitely the most played of the Pokémon Regional Championships in Bochum.

With a total of 94 decks in the Masters Division the psychic Tag team of Mewtwo & Mew reigns from above. But a big rival arises since the release of Cosmic Eclipse: Arceus & Dialga & Tag Team GX. Plenty of ADP builds around this threatning trio are looking for top spots in Bochum.

While the ability version of the deck has been registered 64 times, a build around Green’s Exploration takes 46 additional spots. These two numbers combined make ADP the most played archetype of the Regional Championships.

Coming along these two powerhouses a third Tag Team GX received a lot of faith: Gardevoir & Sylveon. 69 decks are build around this deck. The fairy duo still is very hard do K.o. and gets a lot of support from healing items. Besides that we still see 60 Malamar decks, that are able to recycle energy in a very consistent way.