It’s getting interesting in the TCG Masters Division on Saturday. After the first six rounds of swiss there are expected choices alongside some surprising decks in the seventh round.

Table 1 – Mathieu Vidal (France) vs. Bryan de Vries (Netherlands)

Mewtwo & Mew proves to be a solid choice once again. But Blacephalon can show as well that it doesn’t run out of fire.

Table 2 – Joshua Huggard (Great Britain) vs. Dor Eshel (Israel)

Pikachu and Zekrom remains strong and puts a lot of pressure on the opponent.

Table 3 – Adrian Fjell (Norway) vs. Owyn Kameraman (Netherlands)

The Featured Match shows an exciting battle between Granbull and the lightning duo.

Table 4 – Bert Wolters (Netherlands) vs. Chrisowalantis Amanatidis (Germany)

Mirror Match between Pikachu & Zekrom (right side). Another proof for the concistency of the deck. On the left side we see the first decks of Malamar and Melmetal & Lucario clashing against each other.

Table 5 – Ole Stognief (Germany) vs.Sander Wojcik (Netherlands)

Table 6 – Luke Parkes (Great Britain) vs. Mario Guarinho Mauriell (Italien)

Reshiram & Charizard still belong to the decks with the most firepower.

Table 7 – Jack Gregory-Camp (Great Britain) vs. Calium Griffiths (Great Britain)

Table 8 – Jamiro Truijens (Netherlands) vs. Aleksander Rutowicz (Poland)

Mismagius helps to set up Giratan & Garchomp against Mewtwo & Mew.

Table 9 – Tommi Lahtela (Norway) vs. Lucas Henrique De Araujo Pereira (Brasilien)

Table 10 – Mike De Goed (Nethlerlands) vs. Stefano Conti (Italy)